I am a certified oracle enterprise architect and like to share my knowledge and experience that I gain in the projects I am working on.

Vaadin Drools

(really really) Separating business logic from UI Code with Drools and Vaadin

Separating the business logic from application code has been a customer’s dream and one of the most important architecture goals for many IT development projects. However countless “if – else” statements in your java project tell another story. With a solid MVP architecture and the integration of a business rule engine, developers can separate the…

Material Design with Vaadin

Material Vaadin

The Vaadin 8 framework uses the excellent Valo theme, which can be used out-of-the-box or as the base for a custom theme. The (old school) themes for Vaadin 7 (reindeer, runo and chameleon) are still usable with the vaadin-compability-themes.jar. During the last couple of weeks (June 2017) some interesting add-ons in the vaadin directory appeared…