Vaadin Animations

Improve your Vaadin application with fancy animations

Vaadin is a feature rich framework to develop applications with Java. It provides a large set of components for all kinds of business requirements and a convenient programming model to connect your business logic to a frontend. In this post I will shows examples on how to animate the components and layouts of a Vaadin…


Nature of Architecture

Check your Vaadin MVP architecture with Unit tests

All those architectures out there start as a simple consistent idea… and end in a mess. After too many change requests and refactoring tasks to improve your project or correct issues, there might be nothing much left of the architecture you once started with. In this post I will give an example on how to…


Vaadin 10: Using theme style classes for your components

The first release candidate for Vaadin 10 has been unleashed and I have just started to migrate some of my Vaadin 7/8 projects to version 10. As I prefer a server side programming model for Vaadin projects, I did not have many problems with the server side. The client components as well as the layout and styles…


Vaadin 10: Templating your views with FlexLayout

Vaadin 10 is an almost complete rewrite of the successfull Vaadin framework and offers many new interesting and usefull features. One interesting feature is the router, that will superseed the navigator of Vaadin 8. With the @Route annotation placed at the type definition of a view class, it is possible to use a template for…


Perfect multi language support for your Vaadin application (I18N)

Creating a multi lingual web application is a common task in modern web development. Most (old-school) java web frameworks offer out-of-the-box solutions for this task, but for single-page-application frameworks like Vaadin, you need to come up with some fresh ideas for localization. The business requirements for a Vaadin i18n application I would like to collect…


An update to Vaadin, CDI and readable URIs

With version 8.3 of the Vaadin UI framework along with the official CDI addon for Vaadin, come a number of changes for CDI usage. Some enhancements were made for the CDI navigator and it is now possible to have nice readable and bookmarkable Urls in your vaadin application. I summed up the latest changes for…


Material Design with Vaadin

Material Vaadin

The Vaadin 8 framework uses the excellent Valo theme, which can be used out-of-the-box or as the base for a custom theme. The (old school) themes for Vaadin 7 (reindeer, runo and chameleon) are still usable with the vaadin-compability-themes.jar. During the last couple of weeks (June 2017) some interesting add-ons in the vaadin directory appeared…


what a cool fog

Unit tests for a Vaadin 8 MVP application

The model-view-presenter (aka MVP) architecture pattern is a good choice for Vaadin applications. It clearly separates the business logic from the UI code and improves testability. Well… I heard statements like that many times before without proper explanations or examples what makes a pattern so useful that we cannot start a new project without using…


A practical guide to MVP for Vaadin

The MVP (model-view-presenter) is a solid architecture pattern for Vaadin projects of all sizes. However there are many ways to achieve it. I would like to have a MVP architecture in my Vaadin projects and use the cool features of the Vaadin framework and its eco-system like a WYSIWYG editor for UI layout or the…


Java 8 concurrency in a Vaadin UI

Right now – as I am writing this post – Vaadin is my favourite UI framework for Java web applications. While alot of frameworks seem to create just as much problems as they are trying to solve, Vaadin helps me in creating stylish reactive user interfaces. In this post I will show how to use…