Nature of Architecture

Check your Vaadin MVP architecture with Unit tests

All those architectures out there start as a simple consistent idea… and end in a mess. After too many change requests and refactoring tasks to improve your project or correct issues, there might be nothing much left of the architecture you once started with. In this post I will give an example on how to…


what a cool fog

Unit tests for a Vaadin 8 MVP application

The model-view-presenter (aka MVP) architecture pattern is a good choice for Vaadin applications. It clearly separates the business logic from the UI code and improves testability. Well… I heard statements like that many times before without proper explanations or examples what makes a pattern so useful that we cannot start a new project without using…


A practical guide to MVP for Vaadin

The MVP (model-view-presenter) is a solid architecture pattern for Vaadin projects of all sizes. However there are many ways to achieve it. I would like to have a MVP architecture in my Vaadin projects and use the cool features of the Vaadin framework and its eco-system like a WYSIWYG editor for UI layout or the…


Teaching Enterprise Architect Java Exceptions

Enterprise Architect (EA) is great tool to model classic UML structural and behavioral diagrams. It is a multi-purpose tool that supports a variety of programming languages like Java, C#, Php or Visual Basic. In the article Teaching EA Standard Java I explained how to use all Java classes and interfaces of standard and enterprise Java.I…


Teaching Enterprise Architect standard Java

When I prepared for the “Oracle Enterprise Architect Master Certification” I was introduced to Sparx Enterprise Architect. It was recommended as the best tool to model and design the practical tasks I had to solve during the certification process by the coach I met at the Oracle certification center. Enterprise Architect (EA) is always up-to-date…